Josep Cerdà Ferré   cerda@ub.edu
// Sculptor, Doctor of Fine Arts and Head of Sculpture, The University of Barcelona

// Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, The University of Barcelona from 2001 to 2004
// Director of The Sculpture Department in 1995 and 1999
// Director of the of The Structure of Image and Surroundings Department from 1988 to 1991

// Director of The Sound Art Laboratory, The Sculpture Department, The University of  Barcelona
// Director of the Masters in Sound Art, The University of Barcelona

// Member of the recognized Art and Science Research Group BR: :AC Barcelona Art and Creation, The University of Barcelona / Agaur.
// Member of The GIIP Research Group on The Convergence of Art, Science and Technology, The Estadual Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
// Member of The SONAR: CC Research Group, The University of Laguna, Canary Islands

// As a sculptor he has had 17 individual exhibitions and 28 collective exhibitions [Tarragona / Museum of Contemporary Art / AA of Tarragona // Barcelona / Les Punxes Gallery / Aspectos Gallery / DAAZ // Girona / Rosa Pous Gallery / Introit de Vic Gallery // Andorra / Era Bauró Gallery / Riberaygua Gallery // París / Mostini Gallery, rue de Seine // and Cologne / Paleo Gallery]
// He has created 11 public sculptures [Barcelona / Zona Franca / Plaça Molina / Port Vell // Riadh / Saudi Arabia // Les Escaldes / Andorra // Amman / Jordan // Zeicani / Romania]
// He has participated in fairs, salons, artistic events [New-Art, Salon de Mars /Paris, eme3 Density CCCB, Primavera el Disseny,  Barcelona, M et Object/Paris, Cologne Fair] and he has permanent work in museums and private collections [Museum of Modern Art Tarragona, Felbinger Collection Germany, Riberaygua/Andorra and Cat’art France]
// He has created 12 designs, industrial prototypes and made multiple sculptures, and has an industrial patent [Itinerant Museum Vila-Casas Foundation / multiple sculptures, La Pedrera / Precolombino Museum / Le Club du Telar, Paris / Collserola Park. Plant Depur]
// He has created 5 set designs [Konic Tr, London in the Institute of Contemporary Art/ AIET / Mio Cid International Theatre Festival, Sitges] and has carried out 8 artistic installations [Montart / Fet al FAD / Festa Solidaritat]
// He has participated in symposiums, congresses, and given conferences in different universities [Dos Azores University, Estadual Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil]. He has run courses and workshops in various centres of contemporary art [Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / International Symposium of Sculpture, Amman, Jordan. Zincani, Romania]
// Since 2001 he has run the Environmental Sculpture Workshop Ouroboros-Fbg/UB at the The University of Barcelona Innovation Centre which has created 32 sculptures for the Collserola Park - Project selected for the European Landscape Biennial and exhibited in the Triennial of Milan-.  Collaboration with the architect Enric Ruiz – Geli in artistic research for the Sed Pavilion Dome in the 2008 Expo Zaragoza.
He is currently working in Sound Art and Sound Installations
/ Project Spaces of Resonance AA Tarragona City Council [2006]
/ Public Sound Sculpture for poet Taher Ryadh Amman, Jordan [2006]
/ Recording the Soundscape of Cataluyna Project, Caixa of Cataluña [2007]
/ Organization of Soundscapes of Cataluyna Day. CCCB. Barcelona [2008]
/ Recording Soundscape of the Tierras del  Ebro Project, Agaur, Catalan Government / Museum of Montsià [2009]
Recording of Soundscape of The Patum de Berga, Patronato de la Patum / Berga City Council [2009]
/ Organization of Sound Art Days.  Faculty of Fine Arts UB [2010]
/ Sound Installations Out of Place Variations, 7th Sound Art Exhibition Saint Agustí Convent [2010]
/ Sounds of the Mediterranean, recording of soundscape of Mediterranean squares in collaboration with IEMed European Institute of the Mediterranean  [2010]
/ Sound Installation Contemporary Arab Poets of the Mediterranean created for the WOCMES Congress at The Autonomous University of Barcelona [2010]
/ Congress “Between Territories” and the recording of Soundscapes, Bahia. Brazil [2010]
/ Soundscape workshop, Dos Açores University [2010] 
/ Sound Memory of Campo de la Bota [2010]
/ VLF Research Grant into Art. CoNCA [2010] 
/ Researcher in the I+D Sonar- CC Project Feder and The Canary Islands Government [2010]
/ Organization, in collaboration with the Museum of Music, of the “Baschet Instruments: Sound Sculpture Exhibition” Barcelona [2011]
 ::: Individual Exhibition Mutus Liber. Cité Internationale University, Paris [2011]
 ::: Organization of the 2nd Festival of Sound Artists. Cultural Centre Sant Agustí Convent. Barcelona [2011]
/ Finalist of Smart Future Minds Award. Barcelona [2011]
/ Concert Pendulum Music by Steve Reich. Bòlit. Girona [2011]
/ Sound Sculpture Workshop: Air City, Activate the Intangible. Estadual Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil [2011]
/ Presentation of Paper at Intercontinental Dialogues 2.0: Convergence and Media City Congress, Sao Paulo Brazil [2011]
/ Concert Pendulum Music by Steve Reich.  Panera. Lleida [2011]
/ Art Research and Creation Grant.  CoNCA  [2011].
 +info: www.artsonor.net   www.ub.edu/masterartsonor
/// Summary of the last few years:
// 18 Public Sculptures located in The Paseo de los Plátanos, Information Centre, Collserola Park. (Project Selected in the 4th European Landscape Biennial and exhibited in the Triennial of Milan)
// 14 Public Sculptures located between the Vallvidrera Ferrocarril train station and the Information Centre of the Collserola Park. Catalan Government, European Social Fund of the European Union, Barcelona City Council and Collserola Park Consortium.
// Public Sculpture, sculptural reliefs the Cypresses Viewpoint / Las Aguas Road, Collserola Park. Consortium of the Collserola Park. Barcelona
// Individual exhibition Spaces of Resonance Environmental Sculpture Projects to capture the sound of the sea. [AA] Tarragona City Council, February to March // Public Sculpture for the blind made out of wrought iron and 1.500 metres in size.  La Tossa de Montbui, Sta Margarida de Montbui. Commissioned and financed by the Catalan Government, European Social Fund of the European Union, Consortium of La Tosa and the City Council of Montbui Sta Margarida.
// Public Sculpture, sculptural relief, touchable providing information for the blind.  La Tossa de Montbui, Sta Margarida de Montbui.  Public sculpture, sculptural reliefs in the rest area of Can Cuias in the Collserola Park.  Consortium of the Collserola Park. Barcelona. 
// Public Sculpture poet Taher Ryadh Amman, Jordan. Sound sculpture. The Royal Society of Fine Arts. Situation, Park National Gallery of Fine Arts.

// Public sculpture.  4 travertine marble sculptures 5,000 kg each unit. [IAA] (International Academy Amman), Amman, Jordan.
// Public Sculpture. BodegasTorres de Pacs del Penedès. Cast Bronze Sculpture patented in acid. 2 metres in diameter, 600 Kg in weight. Vilafranca del Penedés.
//Artistic Research for the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli for the design of the dome of the SED Pavilion for the Zaragoza Expo
// Exhibition of sculptural work in the CONSTRUMAT Fair, Stand FITEC -Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation - Stand C-372.

// Relief of the surface of the pedestrian bridge of Paseo de las Aguas on the Sarriá road in Vallvidrera (300x5 metres). Tau-icesa, Consortium of the Collserola Park, Barcelona City Council
// Recording The Soundscape of Catalunya, commissioned by The Caixa Foundation of Catalunya and the creation of sound file for the Landscape Observatory of the Catalan Government. 
//Selected in the 5th European Landscape Biennale
//Sculpture Exhibition Fair Hostelco, Barcelona
// Innovation Project I+D+ i , Acc1O Cidem Copca, Catalan Government
//Soundscapes of Catalunya Day. Contemporary Culture Centre of  Barcelona, CCCB. Barcelona, December.
// Collective Exhibition of Sculpture.  Patrimony of Art, The Rovira Virgili University. Port of Tarragona.  Tarragona, January.// Sculpture exhibition, Ici et La Gallery, Maison et Object Fair. Paris, January

// Sculpture exhibition in the CONSTRUMAT Fair, Stand FITEC– Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation Stand C-301.
// Public Sculpture: sculptural reliefs, Interpretation Centre, Collserola Park// Sculpture exhibition, Torrelavit. Alt Penedés
// Tierras del Ebro soundscape recording, Montsià Museum, [AGAUR] Department of Innovation and Universities, Catalan Government recording
// Recording the Soundscape of Patum of Berga, Patronato de la Patum, City Council of Berga. // Sculpture Exhibition, Ici et La Gallery, The Paris Fair. Paris, September
// Industrial design Patent P200930524 natural purifier.
// First prize for Innovation, SPV 2009, The Girona Fair 2009
// Collaboration with Radio Evolución, to transmit a weekly programme and provide information on Sound Art on R-Evolución
// Editing of the sounds of the Patum de Berga, DVD and book. Patronato de la Patum, Berga City Council.
Organization of the “Cognos”  Art/Science Days, Fine Arts Faculty.

// Organization of the Sound Art Days at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. May 2010.
// Interpretation of the experimental piece by Steve Reich: Pendulum Music.
// Sound installation SPACES OF RESONANCE VARIATIONS OUT OF PLACE, 7TH SOUND AND VISUAL EXHIBITION, Convent of San Agustín, Barcelona 3rd, 4th and 5th June 2010.
// Creation of radio programme Grapadora about sound art for Radio Evolution 90.1 FM.  Programme transmitted from the beginning of the 2010 – 2011 course.
// Sounds of the Mediterranean, recording project of the soundscape of the squares of the Mediterranean together with IEMed European Mediterranean Institute.
//Sound Installation Contemporary Arab Poets of the Mediterranean carried out for the WOCMES Congress 2010, a meeting of 2500 scientists from all areas of Mediterranean Studies at The Autonomous University of Barcelona.
//Sculpture Exhibition, Ici te La Gallery, Maison et object.  Paris, January
// Prize for the best innovation for the water treatment system Plant
Depur, Idea Awards, organized by the District Council of the Anoia, the Business Union of Anoia and the City Council of Igualada. 
// Paper presented at the Congress "Between Territories" 19th National Researchers into Art meeting, Brazil. El Salvador, Cachoeira, Bahia. September 2010
// Soundscape Workshop organized by Mala Cooperativa and Dos Azores University.  Ponta Delgada, Island of San Miguel.  October 2012.
Conference at the workshops on the Historical Memory of Campo de la Bota. La Mina Neighbourhood. Organized by: Democratic Memorial, Catalan Government, St. Adrià de Besòs, Town Council November 2010. // Collective Exhibition Can Amatller, Molins de Rei. September
// Individual Exhibition.  Ici te La Gallery.  Barcelona November – December 2010.
// Design and implementation of the pavement of the Laguna Lanao Square in Barcelona.  Barcelona City Council.
// Innovation I+D and Acc1O Cidem Copca Project, Catalan Government. ‘Text Natura’ Project
// Art Research and Creation Grant.  CONCA.  Catalan Government 2010.
// Organization together with the Museum of Music of ‘Baschet Instruments: Sound Sculptures’, from 31st March to 19th December.  Museum of Music / Barcelona Auditorium.
// Concert and playing of ‘Baschet Instruments and Sound Sculptures, created by the members of the Sound François Baschet Workshop, The University of Barcelona.  Museum of Music 30th March 2011.
// Design and implementation of the pavement at the Lúdico Park of Llobregat, Prat de Lobregat. Association of Municipalities of Barcelona Metropolitan Area Consortium
// Design and implementation of the pavement of the Putxet Park of Barcelona.  Barcelona City Council
// Master in SOUND ART,visual arts, architecture, music. Directors, Josep Cerdà UB and Francesc Daumal  ETSAB/UPC. University of Barcelona and Arts Santa Mónica.
// Organization of The Second Festival of Sound Artists.  Cultural Centre Convent Sant Agustí. Barcelona.
// Smart Future Minds Award Finalist. Barcelona
// Steve Reich Pendulum Music Concert. Variable Future. Bòlit Centre of Contemporary Art.  Girona.
// Sound Sculpture Workshop: Air City, Activate the Intangible. Estadual Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
// Presentation of Paper at Intercontinental 2.0 Congress: "Convergence and Media City" GIIP / IA UNESP Research Group. Sao Paulo Brazil.
// Steve Reich Pendulum Music Concert. Panera Centre of Art. Lleida.
// Presentation of Paper at Sound Nodes Congress. Fonoteca del Mar. University of Laguna, Tenerife
// Recording the Soundscape of the Canary Islands Workshop.  University of Laguna, Tenerife